Saturday, March 5, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 4- March 4

I am currently running out of battery both on my Macbook and in lack of sleep. I wrote about sleep and how bad I am at it, but this week has been particularly bad.

Today we booked the Temple. It's the one in Salt Lake City in June! I know. Kind of crazy. . .busiest temple in Utah, but they had a time and it will be great! It's just weird that there are some parts of life that are so far in the distance that they seem surreal. Then, as you take steps towards it, it becomes more and more real. Funny thing was I already thought this one was real in my head. Surprise, it keeps becoming more real everyday. Reality is good. I like arriving at reality.

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  1. Cool--linking the battery life of your Mac to your own battery. Awesome though there, and it made me consider that we all need to take time to recharge. And like the Mac, if we don't do anything else while recharging, our battery is likely to charge more quickly. Hmm...