Monday, March 14, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 14- March 14

Life is like a box of chocolates.
Sometimes I would like a box of chocolates to be more a part of my life. But that would probably lead to an increase of cholesterol, calories, fat, and unhealthiness.
The reason I'm writing about chocolate is because I am craving it. My sweet tooth is talking up. I don't know about yours, but my sweet tooth is really big. It speaks to me on a regular basis. Then again, my family just likes food. We delight in food. In cooking and eating it and trying new things. Yummy.
Life is good. I laughed a lot tonight. I shouldn't let myself get too down about the hard parts. Most of the chocolate in my life is good. My life is like a box of chocolates.


  1. I too have an active sweet tooth--and now I'm going to go look for some chocolate. I know there was some here last week...

  2. I type this comment after licking my fingers clean of the chocolatey goodness that lingers from a box of truffles. I am familiar with the sweet tooth. Yes, the sweet tooth and I converse regularly. I, too, love food. I wish there weren't so many feelings of guilt or shame wrapped up in that. You post makes me want to know more about the yummy, delicious foods that appear in your house.
    Happy Slicing,