Friday, March 25, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 25- March 25

I can hardly believe I'm writing this early, but I'm headed on vacation to visit my sister for her birthday.  I'm worried that internet access will be limited, but I still plan to make it every day.
I love car ride's.  I like driving, talking, listening to music, and I can even read while I'm in the car.  There is something pleasant about riding in the car.  Except that my back hurts.  So here's to road trips.  And if you would like a movie that inspires love for road trips you should see Elizabethtown.  Kirsten Dunst plans a road trip for Orlando Bloom timed out to music (an impossibility in reality, but a fun concept anyway).


  1. Enjoy the trip and stop often to give that back a break!

  2. Embrace the road and enjoy!

  3. Such fun to be driving somewhere for a celebration. Have a great time!