Thursday, March 31, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 31- March 31

This morning I was reading about homosexuality and how to address it in the classroom.  One of the things I started thinking about was my compassion for those who are bullied.  As a elementary, middle school, and early high school student I was subject to several instances of bullying.  While I try not to live in the past and for the most part am happy with who I have become, there are hard days where I remember the hurtful things people have done to me.  I am greatful for those experiences because they have given me greater compassion and understanding.  But at times the pain is hurtful, the effects on my belief in myself become obvious, and I still get weary of people when they tease me believing that they may just be wanting to point out whatever those other bullies saw.  They saw some weakness and tried to feed on it to reach their own.  It's important that we address bullying and not in the what has become comical "big kid flips little kid upside down to get money" - but in the real way that people affect each other.  We need to teach our students that "no man [or woman] is an island" - what we do does have an affect.  Refusing our responsibility for the ways we can affect people's lives is irresponsible, inconsiderate, and immature.  We can't always be there as teachers to stop bullying- but we can take a clear stance against it when we have the chance.

Slice of Life Post Day 30- March 30

The power of flow is essential to life.  Or at least I think it is.
I think or at least hope that everyone experiences the power of flow.
What is flow?
Perhaps we can describe it with some synonyms: when things click, smooth, feels natural, happens without thinking, my senses were heightened and I was aware of everything.
Some antonyms to give more depth: stuck, awkward, felt lost, unconfident.
Some concrete examples: when a sports team is on- they call it the A game- everything just seems to happen- all the shots and passes are made- the team seems unreal or unstoppable.
When a writer sits down and the words come all at once and the only thing you can do is hope to get it all onto paper before it disappears.
When teaching comes without having to do a lot thinking.
When conversation just goes without thinking on a really good date or in a crucial conversation that goes well.
Flow is in essence being at our full aesthetic awareness of life and reaching past our normal capabilities.  I often associate it with a feeling of completely surety, confidence, and pleasure with the moment.  It is in every sense a natural high.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 29- March 29

Cleaning house.
Or in my case, cleaning my room.  It's always a good feeling.
Especially when you start throwing away things you don't need.
It can get kind of addicting.
I sort of want to throw everything away and just have nothing.  Or maybe just a few clothes to wear.
But then I realize I like my music and my books.  And a few of my other possessions.
That's okay.  Throwing EVERYthing away isn't realistic.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 28- March 28

Today on the Slice of Life:
DHTMaster realizes that there are some things you wish you could fix and/or take away the pain from someone else- like my fiance's sickness.  I wish I could take it for her or make it better.  There is simply nothing I can do.
 The word choice "fix" is very much considered a male choice.  "Guys always want to fix things."- I've heard.  Our mission president used to remind us frequently that when we were married got married our spouse would come and complain and we would listen very carefully and offer a solution and then they would be mad at us after we had just come up with a great solution.  And yet does a woman not want the same things?  Does she not want to come up with a solution to her children's difficulties?  But instead of women "fixing" things, we call it "nurturing".
   So my big question is- is there a difference between "fixing" and "nurturing" or is it all just some long problematic rhetoric game that has existed for many years?

My initial reaction is that the difference is "fixing" is set down next to the idea of a solution, most often, while "nurturing", which does include solutions, is also the act of caring and support even when there isn't a solution.  Thoughts?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 27- March 27

Yay for a real vacation.  Some vacations do just add to stress because they are busy and jammed full of activities and are really interesting and fun, but they don't allow the person to relax.  This vacation was nice because I was very relaxed and didn't have too many worries.  How nice it is to just leave all your responsibilities.  Granted, now I have to pick them up off the shelf I left them on, but I have the energy to do it now.  Sometimes, escaping from life, is a tool to sharpen the saw so you can go stronger again rather than keep wearing down all the time.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slice of Life March twenty six

Im having trouble with my sisters com uter.  Different letters arent ty ing.  Im leaving s ace for them
But that is life  Sometimes you just have to do your best.  And give whatever you have got  In my case the circumstances are making it hard to make this ha  en.  But Im doing what I can.
Ha  y Twenty Sixth day.  Just a few more and Ill have done them all  ersistence is good

Friday, March 25, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 25- March 25

I can hardly believe I'm writing this early, but I'm headed on vacation to visit my sister for her birthday.  I'm worried that internet access will be limited, but I still plan to make it every day.
I love car ride's.  I like driving, talking, listening to music, and I can even read while I'm in the car.  There is something pleasant about riding in the car.  Except that my back hurts.  So here's to road trips.  And if you would like a movie that inspires love for road trips you should see Elizabethtown.  Kirsten Dunst plans a road trip for Orlando Bloom timed out to music (an impossibility in reality, but a fun concept anyway).