Monday, March 28, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 28- March 28

Today on the Slice of Life:
DHTMaster realizes that there are some things you wish you could fix and/or take away the pain from someone else- like my fiance's sickness.  I wish I could take it for her or make it better.  There is simply nothing I can do.
 The word choice "fix" is very much considered a male choice.  "Guys always want to fix things."- I've heard.  Our mission president used to remind us frequently that when we were married got married our spouse would come and complain and we would listen very carefully and offer a solution and then they would be mad at us after we had just come up with a great solution.  And yet does a woman not want the same things?  Does she not want to come up with a solution to her children's difficulties?  But instead of women "fixing" things, we call it "nurturing".
   So my big question is- is there a difference between "fixing" and "nurturing" or is it all just some long problematic rhetoric game that has existed for many years?

My initial reaction is that the difference is "fixing" is set down next to the idea of a solution, most often, while "nurturing", which does include solutions, is also the act of caring and support even when there isn't a solution.  Thoughts?


  1. Since I hardly ever get around to commenting on everyone's slice, and was determined to see everyone's blog at least once, this is the first visit I've had to your blog. I clicked on your profile and saw as one of your fav. books The Book of Mormon. I'm LDS as is one other Slicer: (Lisa) who lives in Canada (but grew up in the US). We've been doing the slicing thing for three years now, so have read a lot of each other's stuff.

    Is this your first year? Looks like you're a teacher, judging from the content of some of your posts. Anyway--welcome aboard.

    See you next year!

    Elizabeth E.

  2. Actually, there were several more slicers who are LDS :) I am current a student at BYU, our professor Deborah Dean knew about slices and encouraged us to participate as her class was about Teaching Composition in the Secondary Classroom. We thoroughly enjoyed our time participating. There were three of us who posted for the whole month :) It's always nice to meet other LDS people.