Thursday, March 31, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 30- March 30

The power of flow is essential to life.  Or at least I think it is.
I think or at least hope that everyone experiences the power of flow.
What is flow?
Perhaps we can describe it with some synonyms: when things click, smooth, feels natural, happens without thinking, my senses were heightened and I was aware of everything.
Some antonyms to give more depth: stuck, awkward, felt lost, unconfident.
Some concrete examples: when a sports team is on- they call it the A game- everything just seems to happen- all the shots and passes are made- the team seems unreal or unstoppable.
When a writer sits down and the words come all at once and the only thing you can do is hope to get it all onto paper before it disappears.
When teaching comes without having to do a lot thinking.
When conversation just goes without thinking on a really good date or in a crucial conversation that goes well.
Flow is in essence being at our full aesthetic awareness of life and reaching past our normal capabilities.  I often associate it with a feeling of completely surety, confidence, and pleasure with the moment.  It is in every sense a natural high.

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