Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 20- March 20

I had contact with two sets of identical twins today.  I've grown up in a world where identical twins are the anomaly that we observe in case studies.  Yet, for all their similarities, once we know a set of twins we can tell them apart.  Each individual is different.  Differences are good.  I heard someone quote President James E. Faust today and liked this quote a lot- to paraphrase- "Our differences are the salt that bring out the sweetness in our relationships."  I learned the connection between salt and sugar as a young teenager one morning when my parents explained as we were eating cream of wheat that if you put salt it helps the taste of sugar to come out.  To this day, I've always known that salt would allow me to taste the sugar- so the quote seemed very poignant to me.  Our differences are blessings that even though at times difficult (salty) give us the opposition to allow us to recognize happiness.  The sense of taste in those words tickles my aesthetic innards.

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  1. Thanks for the reflection. It makes sense. I like the way you connected a memory with the quote and made it apply to our lives. MaryHelen