Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 1- March 1

Facebook connects you to people you know but may never see again. When I got back from my mission there was a guy who actively attended the LDS Singles Ward that I was going to. A few months ago I saw that he had changed his Facebook religious status to Christ Consciousness and Ascended Matters. Words like transcend, light, and healing started coming up in his Facebook posts. Now words like being 100% committed and pay me for an energy healing and "Because you ARE a powerful creator I believe you created your space in LO 270". Sounds more like an Orson Wells Animal Farm than a religious reality. Anyway, today's post was the most interesting:
"I'm high on DMT, a natural, spiritual hormone! I had a kinesiology correction on my pineal gland. It's producing 7 times more DMT than before . . . It's one of the most spiritual experiences ever. Dimenthyryptamine rocks!"
So I visited my friend Wikipedia to discover that DMT is a "naturally" occurring psychedelic and is illegal except when used for medical purposes. Searching "pineal gland" revealed that its a part of our brains that controls sleep and wake patterns. Injecting a "correction" right there sure would light up one's psychedelics. I'm a little weary of a spiritual connection that relies on psychedelics- just sayin'.

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  1. I'm glad you are joining us for the challenge. Love your line about "my friend Wikipedia." :)