Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slice of Life Post Day 12- March 12

I could have sworn I had something I wanted to write about.
I was at Stake Conference listening to a Seventy speaking about having the love of Christ.
But I can't remember what it was specifically. This is one of those moments that I regret not having written down what I wanted to write down later. Oh well. I can write down what he said specifically- four principles - loving is serving, time = love, and it's always good to give affirmation of our love for others- catch them doing something nice.
I hope my ability to love and appreciate others will continue to grow. Love is good.

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  1. I hate that feeling of knowing the thought is there, but temporarily lost. I am always scribbling down notes, and then trying to read them later. (I need a better system). I hope your lost idea comes home, with more ideas in tow.